B4E Vault
B4E Vault
The most secure, encrypted file storage on the planet.
B4E Vault

The most secure, encrypted file storage on the planet.


Patented offline cold storage

The cloud is not a safe storage platform, your data is always accessible and in an online state. Currently it is far too easy and prevalent for externally interested parties to scan, search and use your content which compromises your privacy.

The B4E Vault patent ensures that your content is disconnected from the internet at all times.


Vault ownership

When you sign up for a B4E Vault you are provided with an individual, dedicated Vault that is not shared in any way. Your data and content is only accessible by you on a date and time that you set, after which no one is able to access the Vault.

Your Vault contents are never known, traceable or searchable by B4E, Government Agencies or any other 3rd party. This currently doesn't exist in the market.

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Our patented solution means your Vault is completely disconnected from the internet. What does this mean? Your data is safe and impossible to be found – it cannot be hacked, scanned or searched. To add a further level of security, we’ll place your B4E Vault in one of our international locations chosen by you with the ability to offer remote placement and local jurisdiction benefits.

Not only is your data stored in an offline storage device, it is also encrypted to the highest industry standard.


The next generation data storage market is to be worth $144 billion by 2022.

To accommodate the mass market of instant access, we will launch Load Bay to allow the upload of encrypted data 24/7 into an area of stasis, waiting for the Vault to open. This future functionality is more secure than current drag-and-drop systems like DropBox and Google Drive.

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