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Vault Hardware
What is Vault?

B4E Vault is a fortress for all your digital assets. It is the world’s first personal cyber-secure hardware storage system. It’s anonymous to use and completely unbreakable. The Vault itself is owned by you and located in a country of your choice (currently the UK, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, and the USA.).

How does it work?

Vault works like a physical bank vault. It’s completely disconnected from the internet and only connects when you need access. To open your Vault and access your storage area, simply set a timer for your Vault to unlock. When you’re done, your Vault switches off and goes into cold storage mode so that it can’t be found. It will only open up again at the time you set, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

How much storage space is in a Vault?

You can currently choose from 32GB, 64GB or 128GB options. Enterprise Vaults will have much larger bespoke storage options.

What happens if I run out of storage space?

Once you have reached the limit of your SSD memory, you can purchase another Vault and use both Vaults. They will show up in your user account together.

Can I access it from any device?

You can only access Vault from devices that are registered with your Vault. No other device will be permitted access.

Can I have more than one Vault?

Yes, you can have as many Vaults as you wish. They all operate as individual Vaults and will require independent settings. However, if you register multiple Vaults, they will all be visible together in your user access portal.

Is my data safe?

Your data can never be stolen or hacked while it is offline. Unlike cloud storage, which is available 24/7, your Vault is only visible when it wakes up for the short periods of time that you are accessing it. Your data is also encrypted using the most secure cryptographic systems, so that even during the transfer of files your data is safe.

Is my data backed up?

Each Vault contains a dual SSD solution, so your data is written across both storage mediums at the same time. In the unlikely event that one SSD fails, the second SSD will keep your data safe until we can allocate you a new Vault.

What happens if the hardware fails?

In the unlikely event there is a hardware failure, your data will always be safe on the independent SSDs. The management team can simply move your SSDs to a new Vault.

Where is my Vault hosted and located?

We use only the safest server locations in the world. During our beta trial, available locations will begin in the UK and then expand to include Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, and the USA.

Do you have a Business or Corporate Vault?

Our enterprise Vaults are designed for both corporate, government and server farm solutions. Please contact our Enterprise team for more information.

How long will my data be available in my Vault?

Our Vault memory has a potential operating life of 100 years. However, with forward planning, we can extend the memory life ad infinitum allowing your data to be available for many generations in the future.

How much does B4E Vault cost?

Our 2021 purchase, and monthly subscription pricing will be published shortly. The monthly charge is for the access, data exchange and management of the Vault ecosystem.

What am I getting when I buy a Vault?

You are buying a private minicomputer with an operating system, communication and storage built in. Unlike the cloud, this is your own personal server and it can’t be accessed by anyone else – not even us.

Can I have the hardware returned to me?

If you decide to close your Vault, we can return the memory cards intact. However, we will destroy the physical Vault for security reasons.

Can you destroy my hardware if I request it?

If authorised, we can physically destroy the Vault and the memory.

What payment methods are available?

Vault can only be purchased online via card or bank transfer.

How do I open an account?

Follow the step by step instructions in the Vault purchase site. If you have any queries, we have a 24/7 messaging service available.

Can more than one person have access to my Vault(s)?

You can add a second user or ask us to pass on your Vault to a next of kin when you set up your Vault. Please note that the security of your Vault is paramount and you will be required to sign a disclaimer for multiple Vault access.

How many devices can I connect to my Vault(s)?

We have a fixed limit of six devices accessing a Vault. These can be transferred should a hardware upgrade or device loss be registered.

Where are my account details stored ?

Your account details are stored with B4E. Your credit card details are stored with the payment gateways you choose.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you will remain anonymous.

What happens if I lose my login information?

It is very important to keep your password and pin safe. B4E cannot access your Vault at any time. If you are locked out of your Vault, please contact customer services for further assistance.